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Corporate Social Responsibility

Charitable Causes

We offer staff 2 charity days a year, to work with charities that they feel passionately about. Our team have taken part in charity fundraisers and events like contributing to the local community by building hampers for families struggling around the Christmas period and weather permitted, have taken part in river clean-ups and litter collections.

Team photo, charity event
Minimising our environmental impact

We recognise the need to protect the natural environment. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all. We have signed up Planet Mark with the aim of reducing our carbon footprint and spreading awareness to others.

Wade Macdonald and planet mark logo on a forest backdrop

We hope that by sharing our Planet Mark journey we will encourage individuals and businesses to look into how they can play their part too in the fight to reduce the effects of climate change.


We measured our carbon footprint and received our first certificate. We are presently contributing towards 5 of the Sustainable Development goals, laid out by the United Nations. We have set a target of a 5% reduction in our carbon footprint for the year ahead.

The 5 SDG's that we contribute towards

Work-life balance  

We want our staff to have fulfilling and happy lives outside of the workplace by not imposing unreasonable work demands. As such we offer all staff members both flexi-time and agile working. The wellbeing of our team is important to each and every one of us because we all care for each other.

With our half day Friday's, the team have been able to run errands, meet friends & family, and do the things we are usually too busy to do over the weekends.

Our flexible approach to work enables the team to work remotely twice a week/ as and when they need to. Flexible start and finish times offer us all a greater work life balance to fit into our individual lifestyles.

Half day friday, some of the team out for a drink in the sun
Half day friday, one of the team playing golf

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