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'How the UK adapted to working from home' - Philip Macdonald, Founder

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 “Working from home for most employees will no longer be a ‘nice to have"

The Business Magazine, Shift in employee expectations



“In the modern world, particularly where frequent job-hopping is far more prevalent than it was 20 years ago, workplace relationships are vitally important. The reality of owning or leading a company is that people will pass through – these are the uncontrollable ebbs and flows of running a business. But what leaders and HRs can control is the protocol, particularly in sensitive situations where an employee is let go.”

ICAEW, The golden rules for making redundancies



“My answer is that while the systems are highly advanced and superseding human efforts, they do not replace human intelligence. Yes, in accounting, automation is taking away much of the data entry and analysis that accountants have spent years mastering, but it isn’t a case of ‘one or the other’. Accounting professionals need to recognise the strengths and limits of AI and start to build an understanding of the best ways for humans and computers to work together.”

AAT, 8 tips for success - Career advice from Accountancy experts



"Research has shown that up to 80 per cent of those who accept counteroffers end up leaving their current employer within six months. Other studies have shown that job security decreases after accepting a counteroffer – if sudden redundancies need to be made, it’s clear who will be first in line."

The HR Director, Accepting that counteroffer might ruin your career



"The importance placed on staff welfare support is not simply a fad because of the times we live in, but something that holds gravitas for many employers now and going forward."

HR Review, Remote work and productivity



"Many teams are finding employee relations issues, including grievances, are taking up increasing amounts of time, particularly if taking the stand becomes necessary to defend their employer or act as an expert witness."

HR Magazine, Where's HR's helping hand?




"Our research has revealed that the role of HR professionals has evolved to include more strategic, business-focused activities such as business partnering, talent management, and organisational development."

HR Grapevine, The do's and don'ts of job hunting when you're in HR



"Our research also found that 37% of employees have been working longer hours. This suggests that remote working may be creating a new crisis: presenteeism."

Startups Magazine, Presenteeism



“The Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way people have been living their lives across the world. People being thrust into home working has led to the increased desire for flexibility, inclusion, collaboration, work-life balance and autonomy.”

Employee Benefits, Employers reject flexible working post pandemic 



“Ensure that you are giving your team opportunities to work together when possible. Not only will it help to cultivate a collaborative culture and ensure that everyone is pulling in the same direction, but it might also help co-workers to connect on a professional level – forging a mutual respect, that might reduce difficult behaviour.”

Business Leader, How to turn difficult co-workers into valuable team members



"In Wade Macdonald’s recent Staff Welfare Survey, 64 per cent of employers felt they had supported their staff’s welfare well. However, the Employee Expectations 2021 report showcased that employees did not share this sentiment."

Global Recruiter, Expectations not met



"76% of respondents stated that their business intends to continue offering welfare support post-pandemic through EAP (88%), training (44%), counselling (29%) and private doctors (15%)."

London Loves Business, 62% of employers suffering from mental health issues



"Chris Goulding, managing director of HR recruitment firm Wade Macdonald, said that the social mobility gap was largely the fault of “lazy and thoughtless employers”.

He added that with two-thirds of people in the UK saying that attending university was no longer a viable nor affordable option, organisations that had “tunnel vision” when it came to recruitment risked “missing out on a huge bank of untapped talent.”

Personnel Today, Don't be gloomy over social mobility in the UK, commission urges



"Another lasting impact of the pandemic has been on our mental health. According to Wade Macdonald, more than a quarter of employees – 28 per cent – felt their mental health declined due to prolonged lockdowns. Their research found 44 per cent also found working from home much harder — physically, mentally, and emotionally — than being in the office."
Corporate Advisor, Protecting the future of work



"Caterina Glenn, manager of the HR division and director of Wade Macdonald, said it was the whole team’s responsibility to open up the conversation, “regardless of gender or rank”, and that business leaders should equip themselves with the right knowledge."

People Management, Majority of women wish their workplace was better set up for Menopause, study finds



"Even if the promised apprenticeship schemes are not going ahead, that doesn’t mean employers should give up on trying to diversify their workforces and, given the shortage of available workers since the pandemic, tapping into the over-50s workforce makes a great deal of sense.”

People Management, Over-50s 'returnships' announced in spring budget not ahead, ministers say



"It is difficult to put an actual figure on acceptable turnover because figures can be influenced by sector and seniority." So he warns, “high turnover, particularly of talented and valued staff can be tough and the reputational risk can be irreversible."

HRO Today, The mature approach to attrition



"By factoring in how issues like long commutes and non-negotiable hours impact employee wellbeing, particularly those with disabilities or caring commitments, it’s understandable why employees would want the best of both worlds.

Offering flexible working arrangements does not mean employees will always work from home. The choice is what makes the difference. Flexibility improves employee wellbeing and satisfaction, giving employees control over their time so they can thrive in and outside of work.”

Employer News, Non-management employees offered less flexibility than their superiors



"Now more than ever, employers should be doing all they can to protect their most valuable assets – their staff."

Undercover Recruiter, Buckle up and ride the economic storm



“Employers cannot just rely on a blanket approach to benefits, essentially throwing perks at the wall and seeing what sticks. Taking a tailored, consultative approach will ensure that employees feel valued but also that companies are not wasting resources on unutilised rewards.”

Small Business, How to manage an employees payrise request



"Just 10 per cent of company employees value the benefit of a company supplied ‘perk’ car, according to a survey of 850 human resources professionals by recruiter Wade Macdonald."

Auto Express, Company cars are falling out of favour




"ER issues were exacerbated by hybrid working, which makes teams more difficult to manage and can leave grievances unchecked.

And while there is a myriad of tools available to help facilitate this, it takes practice and training for managers to get the balance right."
Personnel Today, Pay up by two-thirds for ER managers





"It seems that the business community’s responsibility to implement green policies has been accepted more by the public than by businesses themselves. Sustainability is a societal priority, but there is often little financial or legal incentive for leaders to make sustainable business decisions."

HR Grapevine, Too few leaders factor sustainability into business decisions 





"The ability to mesh quickly with the team and deliver tangible results are core skills within the interim workforce, and are especially useful when highly skilled employees are in great demand but are hard to come by."

Global Recruiter, Skills shortages rising in HR and Finance