What's EDI all about?

It's about creating a workplace that attracts and retains a spectrum of talented professionals that benefit businesses. We're specifically talking about the Neurodiverse community in our new report.

When it comes to EDI, many focus on gender, ethnicity and visible disability. But as we all know by now, there any many disabilities that are invisible to the eye. The green sunflower lanyards taught us all a valuable lesson over the pandemic and ever since - we should never judge a book by its cover or assume anything about anyone before being informed.

For example: Did you know that only 3 in every 10 Autistic adults are in employment? What about the fact that autistic talent earns a third less than non-disabled people?

It's about time the Neurodiverse community is represented. Talking about it in passing is not enough anymore. We need to actively involve and cater to all individuals in everything we do. 


In this report we explore the pre-employment stages:

  • Insight from HR professionals on current EDI policies & actions
  • Neurodiversity & workplaces
  • The benefits of a diverse team
  • Attraction strategies
  • Interview stage
  • Insight from Jason Iyeke, Founder of Jumpstart Support
  • A page full of resources



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