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Welfare during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many pressures on businesses that they have never felt before. Although the most obvious may seem to be the economic pressures, another consideration has been the genuine concern not only about the potential physical health implications to their workforce, but also the mental wellbeing with a huge rise in stress, fear and uncertainty.

Depending on their sector, the current crisis has hit organisations very differently. However, the single common factor for everyone is that life is extremely more stressful now than before the pandemic. Those working remotely face the stresses of lockdown, along with the mental and physical challenges of working from home with workspaces that may not be fit for purpose for everyday use, whilst possibly fighting their families for quiet space and battling home schooling, or looking after children who would normally be in nursery.

In mid May 2020, along with Doyle Clayton workplace law specialists , we decided to survey HR leaders in our business community to examine how businesses are adapting to manage their staff welfare and what preparations they are making to return to work. Just under 150 HR leaders took part in the survey. The report is a summary of the results which we believe will be helpful to ensure that the return to the workplace is a smooth and successful one for all. 

Take and care and stay safe. 

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