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Webinar: Work is an activity, not a place

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As we see restrictions being lifted as of the 19th of July, offices are starting to open back up and a percentage of people will be commuting once again. Since the pandemic, many of us have been forced to work remotely and we have seen both positive and negative outcomes from this. Workers now expect employers to be flexible with their approach to 'the working day' and more considerate than ever surrounding a good work-life balance and supporting mental health.

Further to recent webinars that looked into employee expectations post pandemic and the legal / health and safety aspects to consider when returning to the office, we are delighted to announce that Managing Director, Chris Goulding and Jacqueline Harris (Breath Of Fresh Air) hosted a session on hybrid working and the impact on leadership and management (Webinar recording at the bottom of the page).

During this session Jacqueline will cover subject including:    

  • How to lead and manage in a hybrid manner

  • Balancing business, team and individual needs

  • How to be inclusive, fair and consistent when you see some staff more than others

  • How to train and mentor in a hybrid office

  • Managing team morale/collaboration and creativity in a hybrid environment

  • How to keep the feeling of ‘team’ when you are not together as often

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline a highly experienced executive coach, trainer and facilitator. She is the owner of Breath of Fresh Air, a world-class provider of training and executive coaching based in Reading, Berkshire.

With a wealth of business, sales and management experience, Jacqueline specializes in all aspects of leadership, sales, and diversity and inclusion.

Her mission is to design & deliver best in class coaching, development & training programmes to senior leaders & management that achieve the results they need and support individuals & teams in a meaningful way. She believes in empowering individuals & organisations to achieve their goals & also that the best way to grow a business is by maximising the potential of its people.


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