Data Science Backdrop

The Timeline of Data Science

In May, we created a survey to collect information on advice for professionals wanting to get into Data Science and the views of what the future could hold for Data Science.

We created this survey for a two main reasons;

  • To learn - Data Analytics is our newest division at Wade Macdonald so we are trying to find out more about our audience and the market to be able to give you the answers to questions, content relevant to you and get to know you on more than a CV level.

  • Support to aspiring data professionals - We want to build a small 'starter pack' for people who are looking to take their first step into the world of data. Gathering information from professionals who've gained exposure and experience will be of most value to those dipping their toes in the Data pool.

Fast forward two months and we have analysed and written up a report on our findings. You can download your copy by filling in the table to the right. 

We value your thoughts and opinions as they help us to create and share content that is more relevant to you. If you'd like to leave us any comments/ feedback, please fill out the form below.