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How the world of work really changed in 2021

We believe its fair to say that putting 2021 behind us comes with a sigh of relief for the vast majority. After all the up's and down's, steps forward and backwards, how did 'work' really change?

We have produced and released a number of reports since the beginning of the pandemic, which all included an element of employee welfare and expectation from workplaces.

Our first release of 2022 again explores the opinions of professionals across Accountancy & Finance and Human Resources. The report, which you can download by filling out the form to the right (desktop) or at the bottom of the page (mobile), covers alterations and/or additions to various aspects of workplace processes and policies that have/are becoming more common because of the global pandemic [COVID19].

As always, we love to hear your viewpoints, feedback and any other comments you have. Drop us an email -


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