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How the pandemic has impacted employee expectations

Over the past few months the Coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the daily lives of people all across the UK and beyond. Along with the obvious social changes, the way that people have had to carry out their daily working lives has been one of the greatest changes. 

Following on from our previous surveys which investigated economic change and how businesses had approached social welfare, we decided that we would like to gain an understanding of what the biggest changes employees thought they had seen and how the landscape may have changed for them in the long-term. 

In July 2020 we surveyed local professionals to gain their views. The results we will present are based on 415 responses from professionals mainly working within finance, HR and data science. Our survey covers three main areas. We were keen to understand how those that had continued to work had fared, we wanted to see whether employees thought that they had been treated well during the pandemic and then investigate what was going to be important to employees in a job moving out of the pandemic. In particular we focused on whether they hope working practices will have been changed forever. 

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Managing Director, Chris Goulding, will be taking you through the report and the varied results collected from our most recent survey on employee expectations. You will also get the opportunity to ask any questions you have. 

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