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Headstart: Our Digital Workshop

Our limited series of workshops is available on a first come basis with free registration. ​

Our digital workshops focus on giving professionals of all levels a 'headstart' on career goals and ever-changing adjustments to workplace practices. Our series aims to provide you with a toolkit of advice and knowledge with the hopes of boosting your motivation and confidence in areas of your career journey you feel needs a little nudge. 

There is no obligation for joining and asking questions from our host, Chris Goulding. The intention of this series of workshops is to give you some rocket fuel to pursue your career goals in times where we may not be able to support the number of people approaching us for assistance in their job search - we still want to be able to support you. We will be hosting our workshops on Zoom, so if you'd like to take part please ensure you have a login or capability to use the application. There will be limited numbers per session due to the software capability, so if you'd like to secure a place please ensure you register as early as you can.

Chris has been working within recruitment for 21 years, starting from junior all the way up to Managing Director. Throughout his 21 years, recruitment and job hiring practices have changed, inevitably. Digital applications and technology has driven a lot of changes. Chris is therefore the best host for the workshops as he is able to apply his knowledge to different situations, industries and people. You can find more about Chris here.

Wednesday, 5th August 2020 @ 11am- 12pm:
The first in the series will focus on CV writing. Chris will take you through the basics and the nitty gritty areas which could help you differentiate yourself from competition and bring out your qualities to the forefront of your CV. Writing a great CV can decide whether you get an interview opportunity and a job that could change everything in your career. This is for everyone, whatever stage of career you are in whether you are writing up your CV for the first time, re-writing/tailoring your CV or would just like a refresh on the whole process, this course of workshops will cover CV's inside and out.

Click here to download the slides from the workshop.

Wednesday, 19th August 2020 @ 11am-12pm:
Our second in the series focuses in on social media presence. In the digital age we live in, having a presence could be classed as essential due to changes in hiring and headhunting processes. LinkedIn is the Facebook for professionals and is used by companies to investigate and perform research on potential employees. Your LinkedIn is your digital CV. Therefore it is essential to represent yourself the way you want to be seen by everyone in your network and extended networks. LinkedIn is not the only social media to be aware of though. Chris will dig into the different areas of a good LinkedIn profile and the areas of a digital presence that need to be considered. 

Click here to download the slides from the second workshop.

A Guide To Remote Interviews
The pandemic has resulted in a rise of the use of technology for job interviews. In this short webinar, Managing Director Chris Goulding, will run you through two of the most common interview processes that are currently being utilised by businesses, and will continue to be used more frequently moving forward.

Click here to download the slides from the webinar.


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