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Nowadays, data is the underlying backbone of all companies. It drives every single business, whether it is to provide insights to increase the bottom line, or advanced AI algorithms to make autonomous vehicles an everyday feature in our lives. Companies all over the world are improving their capabilities to harness the power of their data. Due to the ever increasing supply of data the growing demand for top level Data Analysts and Data Scientists is continuing to sky rocket.

We work with everything from seed funded start-ups to globally recognised Blue Chip companies, providing a consultative approach to ensure we provide the best candidate for the job every time. Our focus is to cover the following markets within the Thames Valley, West London and South West regions: Business Intelligence, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Artificial Intelligence. 

If you are interested in hearing about current live positions or would like a no obligation chat to discuss data orientated markets, feel free to get in touch. 

Wondering what steps to take to get your career started in Data Science? Read the opinions of Data professionals on the skills needed and predicted future trends in our Data Science report here.​​

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