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Nowadays, data is the underlying backbone of all companies. It drives every single business, whether it is to provide insights to increase the bottom line, or advanced AI algorithms to make autonomous vehicles an everyday feature in our lives. Companies all over the world are improving their capabilities to harness the power of their data. Due to the ever increasing supply of data the growing demand for top level Data Analysts and Data Scientists is continuing to sky rocket.

We work with everything from seed funded start-ups to globally recognised Blue Chip companies, providing a consultative approach to ensure we provide the best candidate for the job every time. Our focus is to cover the following markets within the Thames Valley, West London and South West regions: Business Intelligence, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and Artificial Intelligence. 

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Wondering what steps to take to get your career started in Data Science? Read the opinions of Data professionals on the skills needed and predicted future trends in our Data Science report here.​​

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    Ashley Hewitt
    Senior Consultant - Data Science

    Ashley has specialised in Data Analytics recruitment for almost the last 4 years across Europe and England. He has strong passions for the analytics field and has been involved in international and national events as well as creating digital platform which support the long growth in analytics. Ashley is also always striving for more technical kn...

B u s i n e s s  I n t e l l i g e n c e

Business Intelligence is the amalgamation of data focused professionals, specialist computer software and mathematical algorithms to provide insights and answers to business operation questions. 

Business, sales and marketing data is collected and analysed through complex mathematical models allowing the data to be usable by  organisations by creating reports, dashboards and data visualisation. This can then be reported to C suite, line managers and decision makers to create actionable insights for the business. 

BI is so crucial to companies as it allows improved decision making, ensures optimisation of business operations, drives new revenue and gives you the edge on competitor businesses by identifying market trends. 

D a t a  S c i e n c e

Data Scientists are the ‘rock stars’ in the analytical world. With the increase in data and the demand for powerful insights, Data Scientists provide a deeper level of analytics by utilising Artificial Intelligence and predictive modelling to go beyond the level of details of standard statistical analytics.They have a wider skill set that is equipped to analyse ‘big data’ and are expected to have domain and research knowledge which allows them to develop new and bespoke algorithms for specific problems.

One key stand-out feature of a Data Scientist is the ability to use Artificial Intelligence to create predictive models that are crucial for businesses. Harnessing the power of AI is essential for the development of analytical technologies and capabilities as it allows them to automate processes, leading to more accurate and faster analytics. 

A r t i f i c i a l  I n t e l l i g e n c e
Artificial Intelligence is the wider term used for a combination of technical tools and skills used to make ‘machines smart’. Modelled after our own human biology and our autonomous way of learning, AI allows smart machines to ‘learn by doing’ to perform processes that would have typically needed human interaction to complete.
Although it was pioneered by Alan Turing in the 1950’s, AI has boomed in the last decade due to the wealth of data and technology that is now being produced globally. Because of this, AI is now being utilised across many different domains, companies and markets. All of these smart machines  are powered by the vast amounts of data we produce on a daily basis. At Wade Macdonald we focus on recruiting for the most common AI techniques utilised by businesses: Machine/Deep Learning, NLP and Computer Vision.

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