Meet the team

Maryam Karimi

Data Science, AI & Machine Learning Consultant

Maryam joins Wade Macdonald with a wealth of technical knowledge of Data Science, AI, Machine Learning & BI, gained from her BSc and MSc in Cybernetics. Maryam started her studies in Cybernetics in 2010, where she was introduced to Data Science and has been involved in Data driven projects for over 5 years. 

Being a Data Scientist herself, and working on different projects across Europe; has given Maryam the ability to understand both clients and candidates. The background and expertise in this area has enabled Maryam to be a uniquely distinctive consultant, so she not only just uses traditional keyword matching on CV’s and job specs, but can also distinguish and decipher more in-depth text. Both studying and working in the Data Science community has given her a talented network to further build upon. 

Maryam understands how crucial it is for a business to attract the right industry professionals, which have both knowledge and expertise within Data Science in order to drive the value of a large amount of information that already exists, to make better actionable insights. She also understands that often candidates do not get the right opportunities in the market, so joined Wade Macdonald to help make this possible.

With a strong background and years of experience of being within the Data community, Maryam believes she will be able to create a bridge between client and candidate and build relationships based on the mutual understanding of the industry. 


Areas of Expertise:

·Data Science

·Machine Learning

·Artificial Intelligence

·Business Intelligence