Marc joined Wade Macdonald in 2020 and he leads the talented senior finance team who recruit for all permanent qualified finance positions. Marc personally recruits for permanent executive and leadership positions, and also all interim and temporary opportunities.

Marc been recruiting for finance functions for over 20 years locally and internationally. 23+ years in and he’s happy to say that he still loves his job. Marc has carefully built a large network of local, talented, senior professionals and really values the relationships that he’s been able to forge over the years and takes great pride in doing a good job. Marc is thankful to everyone who entrusts him to find them a new opportunity or search for a crucial member of their team and he takes that responsibility very seriously… but, like all of us at Wade Macdonald, he doesn’t take myself too seriously. 

What Marc enjoys the most about working at Wade Macdonald is the team.  “They are such a good bunch of people!! They are all extremely talented at their jobs but they are all incredibly humble, have strong moral compasses, they genuinely want to see each other succeed and there isn’t a bad apple amongst them – trust me, I haven’t seen that before that in another company in two decades. The leadership team are fair, encouraging and generous with their time and they want to see everyone do well and be happy and healthy.”

Outside of work, Marc is a husband and an award-winning father (he’s got a mug with ‘worlds best dad’ on it). When he has free time, he is doing his best to keep his golf handicap in single figures (6.5 at the moment for you others golfers out there) and believes that he’s surprisingly becoming quite a decent cook.