Issi joined Wade Macdonald in December 2017 and heads up the marketing for the company. She oversees all activity across the social media channels and website, creates company material such as salary guides and everything else that falls under the marketing umbrella.

After leaving school, Issi spent almost 4 years working at a local high-fashion footwear brand. Within her time there, she worked her way from sales assistant to media & marketing where she had full exposure to both the retail and wholesale side to the business. It was from this exposure, she realised how much she enjoyed being the brand voice online and working within marketing. She has pursued marketing ever since, undertaking studies and achieving her CIM level 4 with a triple distinction.

Being trusted to explore her creativity is something that has become more important to Issi as she’s progressed through her career. Wade Macdonald has been nothing but supportive of this. She enjoys being given the freedom to create different content, and the time to learn new things to bring to the role.

Throughout her working life, Issi has come to realise that the people she works with are ultimately the most important part of the job. “Looking forward to coming into work and seeing your colleagues, is how you know you’re in the right role. I’m not a morning person [at all] but my colleagues always find a way of making me smile, laugh or knock me out of my morning slump.”

Outside of work, Issi enjoys paddleboarding down the river (when it’s warm enough) and socialising with friends over food & drink. She’s very passionate about environmental conservation and loves anything to do with animals and nature. She is ‘mum’ to one of our 4 legged stress-relief managers, Beau.