Ellis joined Wade Macdonald in June 2021.

Ellis works alongside Nathan Freestone covering Oxfordshire. His focus is on the transactional and part-qualified finance market. Previous to working at Wade Macdonald, Ellis worked in sales and other customer facing roles.

Ellis is a very sociable person and loves meeting/getting to know new people. So when the opportunity to work at Wade Macdonald came along, it was hard for him to say no. Ellis had not long been with the company before realising how much he loved the atmosphere in the office. "I've never worked with a better group of people and felt like I fit in so early on. Everyone made me feel so welcome."

Outside of work, Ellis has always been a keen traveller, enjoying two three-month trips around Thailand and going to a lot of places in Europe. Alongside this, Ellis loves socialising with his friends and having a cheeky white Russian or two. He's a keen follower of football and supports the 'best football club in the world', Middlesbrough FC.