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Climate Change: As individuals and businesses, it’s our responsibility to encourage action

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Everybody knows it. It’s global brands that are producing the highest emissions that are causing climate change to accelerate past backdated predictions. Mid July 2022, we saw temperatures reaching 40.3 degrees in the UK. These are temperatures predicted for 2050, not 2022.

The fact of the matter is, companies need to do more to reduce their carbon footprints and spread awareness of our deteriorating ecosystem.

As a business, you have more influence and a bigger impact when it comes to change. Especially if you are a FTSE 100 organisation.

Individuals follow and listen to brands. Therefore, it is our joint responsibility to be talking about environmental damage, making a difference and encouraging others to do so.

A lot of people across the globe are discouraged to do their part for two main reasons;

  • They feel their individual actions wont make a difference.

  • They don’t see action from the companies they purchase from.

We realise not everyone has access to the same resources so here are things you can do as a business no matter your size:

  • Arrange proper waste management.

  • Get rid of non essential plastics i.e. water cooler cups.

  • Schedule frequent litter picks in your local area.

  • Look into your procurement supply chain and see if you can swap to more sustainable choices.

  • Encourage public transport, cycle to work schemes and car shares.

  • Spread awareness of the climate crisis on your social media, email signatures, website etc.

For businesses with more resources:

  • Look into certifications that help you reduce your emissions i.e. Planet Mark.

  • Introduce an environmental team to your organisation who can drive action.

  • Purchase reusable cups and bottles for all staff to discourage them from buying plastic and non disposables.

  • Host meat free Mondays for your staff.

  • Plant trees based on profits i.e. Ecologi.

  • Spend more time on advertising containing messages about climate change.

These are just a few of a multitude of ideas you and your teams can implement into your business.

Not only does a businesses involvement in reducing the effects of climate change matter in the global scale of things, it is also a great way to attract talent to your business.

Consumers are now more aware of the damage to the environment caused by how companies go about business. Their purchasing decisions / actions can be entirely based on how much a brand does to reduce its footprint and support everyone, and everything, in the supply chain involved in their practice. More specifically, younger generations are more inclined to buy from / join companies who are ‘green’ minded.

So tackling climate change not only benefits the planet, it benefits your business. It’s a no brainer.

Be creative, do your research and do your part. We all need to step up – our climate is diminishing around us.


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