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Supercharge your accountancy career in 2022

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​“Accountancy professionals have a unique opportunity to excel,” says our Managing Director, Chris Goulding, who was recently featured in an ICAEWarticle. “Now is the time to capitalise on industry shortfalls and stay ahead of the game.”

This new year will pose various challenges and opportunities to professionals in finance and accountancy. 2022 began in a weird time – skills shortages, shifts in employee demands, job-hopping, and The Great Resignation means both an unsteady and buoyant job market.

But, as it’s candidate-led, accountancy professionals have a unique opportunity to excel, supercharging their career prospects for the long haul. How can you supercharge your accountancy career this year?

Level up

There’s no denying the skills shortages the finance and accounting sectors (among others) are seeing. A combination of Brexit and the pandemic, paired with accelerated technology, means employees need to up their game to become the ‘crème de la crème’ of the talent pool.

An area of concern for many Accountancy employers (and an opportunity for employees) is that of digitisation. With tech and automation taking over a lot of roles, it’s crucial that employees and candidates in the sector look to upskill to remain in the game. The automation of the sector has meant some entry to mid-level jobs have been lost to tech.

For those looking to kickstart or bolster their careers, this opportunity is one to grab by the horns. Accountancy professionals should look to ‘level up’ by filling these gaps both in the technical and non-technical sense.

Data analysis, coding, visualisation, and risk management should be the focus for professionals at all levels as employers see these skills as an added bonus. The reliance on professionals who can solely interpret and manipulate data will only grow as the UK’s economic uncertainty continues.

Continuous development and evolution is vital to career progression, and there is always room for improvement when it comes to understanding your industry and skillset.


Set micro goals

It’s all well and good time-travelling to your future senior self, envisioning your life and career progress, armed with the years of knowledge and experience you’ve earned. But it’s harder to navigate the journey to that point if you’re only focussed on the end game.

Smaller, focussed goals are more likely to aid progression to the greater career aspirations which are the stepping stones. Goals such as earning a qualification in Excel or data science, taking a lead on a key project, or officially taking on the responsibility of managing a team, are the ingredients to long term success.

Making micro goals like this also prove to be more tangible ways at keeping your career progressing without feeling overwhelmed.


Seek out opportunities

As with many professions, you need to seek out and actively create opportunities in order to give your career a boost. This applies to both broadening your knowledge and network, and job opportunities.

Seeking out webinars, training courses, panels, and networking events are all little cogs in the progression machine. This not only develops yourself as a professional, but it also shows to your current and potential employers you have a taste for learning.

But, sometimes, to move up, you need to move out. Boosting your career can mean taking on an exciting new opportunity at a new company. Despite the last 22 months slowing progression down, the modern workplace is as fast-paced as ever, and the rising job market means it’s a good time to consider a change.

If you feel you have exhausted all avenues in your current role, and are keen to supercharge your career this year, get in touch. Wade Macdonald specialises in HR, Finance & Accountancy – and our consultants are always happy to chat.


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