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Interim Appointments: Case Study

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The Brief

Wade Macdonald was asked by the Senior Business Partner of a large organisation based in the Thames Valley, to assist in the recruitment of a Year-End Accountant. The role was urgent and needed to be filled within days. The finance team were under extraordinary pressure, and it looked like they were going to miss vital deadlines.

The Process

Zoe spent half an hour taking an in-depth brief over the phone and due to the proactive work that she does daily, was already able to talk through specific candidates with the client. Zoe explained that for urgent requirements we offer a ‘working interview’ to our clients. In short this means that the candidate starts with the client and if they have a good first day then they continue with the assignment. Should they not perform well, then we would pay the candidate with no charge to the client.

The client agreed to let Zoe choose who she thought was best for the role and a candidate started the next day. Zoe had already taken references on the candidate..

The Result

The client was delighted with the speed of service and the quality of the candidate provided. The role was initially 3½ months but after the candidate finished the assignment, they were moved onto another project due to the success with the Year-End Accountant role.

Following on from this piece of recruitment the client has subsequently taken more finance contingent workers through Wade Macdonald and worked with our HR division.

 Benefits to the business:

  • Quick process - From briefing, to interview and acceptance.

  • Time consuming task taken off organisations shoulders - Frees up time for focus on their actual jobs.

  • Strengthening of trust and relationship with consultant in filling urgent positions in the present and for future requirements.

  • Critical deadlines hit thanks to utilising a contingent workforce through Wade Macdonald.


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