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​Corporate Social Responsibility

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) allows businesses of all sizes to enact positive change and as part of our ongoing drive to reduce our carbon emissions, Wade Macdonald has signed up to Planet Mark, the sustainable certification scheme for businesses that want to make a difference and help build a sustainable future for our team, our community, and our planet. 


A purpose driven business

Wade Macdonald is a purpose-driven business with philanthropy at its core, and alongside our work with local charities, our team enjoy the opportunity to support their own good causes with two paid volunteering days each year to make a positive difference in the local community.

This is on top of our existing ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ policy which we implemented to address our carbon emissions, energy consumption, and waste.

According to a survey conducted in 2019, only 16 per cent  of business leaders said that CSR was one of their top three business concerns over the coming year. Not only do we find this figure staggering, but short sighted. Research from PwC shows that 88 per cent of millennials want to work for a company whose values reflect their own. Considering that 75 per cent of the global workforce will be made up of millennials by 2025, businesses simply have to get behind their CSR initiatives to both attract and retain talent.



With COP26 ringing in our ears, we are increasingly committed to do more to address our environmental impact. According to a recent McKinsey, ‘the 1.5-degree pathway is achievable but the maths is daunting, requiring dramatic emissions reductions over the next 10 years, starting today’.

Co-Founder, Dominic Wade, the driving force behind Planet Mark certification comments: ‘In an age of ever greater concern about the impact human activity has on our climate and environment the Directors and staff at Wade Macdonald have made a commitment to reduce our environmental impact and are partnering with Planet Mark in order to measure and reduce our carbon footprint and to improve our green credentials.’


Planet Mark 

Championed by Marketing Executive Issi Briggs, with the eager support of the whole team, the process of Planet Mark certification means measurement of our current carbon footprint, ongoing data collection and annual reporting to ensure that continued progress is being made in support of a brighter future for our planet.


Join Us 

If you are interested in joining the Wade Macdonald community, either as a recruitment professional looking for your next move to a company that cares, or an Accountancy & Finance or HR professional considering your next move, then please get in touch.


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