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Reasons to use a recruitment agency to bring in an interim manager for your transformation project

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From working within the interim market for the last 20 years, I know that over half of organisations that enter into transformation projects do not have the internal capacity to deliver without outside help.  

With ongoing technological advances and rising customer expectations, business transformation is an effective way to make changes to processes or systems to better align the company with its overarching goals. There are many reasons to drive a business transformation project, with the most common reason being in response to change. 

The pandemic, for example, shifted businesses across the globe to an entirely remote model or prompted leaders to replace staff with outsourced contractors to cut down on costs. 

When businesses see a shift in consumer demand, seek better cost and time efficiency, or simply want to boost growth, sourcing external help within an interim project manager can help align long-term goals and deliver the mission successfully. Interims are highly accomplished, experienced, and often overqualified businesspeople who are brought in at significant periods of a company’s life to help it execute projects. These individuals are skilled at assessing tasks, objectives and strategies, are seasoned in executing successful projects and assignments, and are practiced in rectifying problems. Therefore utilising internal talent is often not the most effective way at executing a business transformation journey. 

But how do you source leading talent? There are several options. 

Firstly, companies can source an internal member of staff to step up to the challenge, however, this option takes time and may mean waiting a lot longer than necessary with the need for upskilling and training, or indeed lead to a need for external resource to cover the role of the individual who is seconded. Secondly, they may go to an external management consultancy – a costly approach. Thirdly, they could consult a specialist recruitment agency with subject matter expertise and the experience / network to source the most fitting talent for the project.

So, why should you consider a specialist recruitment agency to find your perfect interim manager?

Specialist Insight

Specialist recruiters have the inside knowledge to understand the core aims of a business and the objectives of its projects. Therefore, when it comes to sourcing talent for a significant period of change, such as a transformation project, recruiters are well equipped and experienced at sourcing the key players in the business, using a variety of methods to source the best talent from the market. 

Cost efficiency

Compared to the likes of the Big Four, specialist recruitment agencies don’t often come with the same amount of hefty fees and additional charges. Transformation projects are a huge shift in processes and subsequently, are expensive. In addition to this, an interim project manager usually comes in on a daily rate for a period of six to 12 months, all of which adds up. Specialist recruitment agencies offer the on-the-ground, inside sourcing without the fees and overheads.

Bringing in an interim manager for a business transformation project can ensure that the plan is executed efficiently and successfully, and long-term, overarching goals are met. However, as with anything, it can come with risks, so it is important to carefully consider how and where to source this talent for optimal company success.


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