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So, you want to move to the next level of Data Science?

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Over the past year, the coronavirus pandemic has meant that some opportunities for professional progression have been put on hold. However, with the good news that there are signs we are coming out of the second peak of the virus and as the economy is slowly starting the process of repair, businesses are sure to find themselves on firmer footing very soon. The ability to advance in your current role may be back on the cards imminently.

So, as a mid-level Data Scientist, how can you help yourself get noticed and earn that next step on the ladder?

Showcase your initiative

It’s not enough to sit back and wait for the progression to come to you. Frankly, if you adopt this approach then you’re not very likely to progress. The pause on promotions doesn’t mean you have to put a pause on your own learning and development.

There are currently hundreds of online courses and resources, many of which are free of charge, which can enable all Data Scientists to top up their knowledge base and plug any skills gaps they may have.

If you can demonstrate a clear passion for personal and professional growth and provide evidence for any meaningful initiatives you have undertaken over the course of the pandemic, then you’re likely to be well on the way to your next role.

Hard numbers

If you are expressing the desire to move up in your company, you’re going to need the hard evidence behind you to prove that you have excelled in your current role and are ready to take the leap. Focus on recording and gathering all the fantastic results you have achieved which have both positively impacted the business’s bottom line and expanded your expertise, skillset and knowledge.

Strong management skills

The next step will involve managing a team of more junior members of staff, so now is the time to work on perfecting those softer skills. Your communication should be impeccable, your guidance thorough and your thread of patience long. You should be able to showcase that you can lead with empathy and with the best interests of your team in mind.

Come to the table with new ideas

As you step up to management level, not only will your employer be looking for competency in data processing languages and impeccable sector knowledge, they’ll also be looking for a flair for innovation.

Your next role will undoubtedly see you be an instrumental part in the business and its workings, so it’s important you know exactly what you’re going to bring to the table. And with the immense advancements and rapid movement the industry is witnessing, you’ve certainly got plenty of things to choose from!

If you’re interested in moving up in the Data Science industry, visit our jobs page to see what roles we have available for you today.


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