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Case Study: Remote Working From Day One

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The Brief

The requirement was a niche role for an interim contractor, with a well-known company in Hampshire that had just undergone some significant changes to staff and structure. The role was for a Management Accountant with a background of working within a very specific industry and with a technical background from the service based sector. 

The Process

Caterina was briefed on the role by Human Resources and then had a subsequent conversation with the Financial Controller to determine all requirements for the position. The brief was very specific, so she set about identifying candidates who had the right knowledge and experience who would also be able to start quickly and need little to no guidance, as the Financial Controller was extremely busy. The role was initially presented as one for a qualified individual but, having discussed this with the hiring manager, Caterina advised the client that someone qualified by experience would also be able to undertake the tasks.

The Outcome

Interviews were arranged, candidates were briefed and, after the client met with three candidates, one was selected for the role. Start dates were confirmed, everyone was happy and the candidate (who is qualified by experience) was prepped and ready to start their new assignment.

This is where it then changes slightly. All of this was happening in early March with a start date mid-March. By mid-March half the country was in self isolation or starting to work from home and we were unsure what would happen to this role and, indeed, whether or not the person was going to be able to start.

We are delighted to report that the contractor did join the business, although day one was unusual to say the least. The contractor arrived on site, was given a laptop, had a meeting to go through some things about the business and the project and was then sent to work from home.

We are just over a week into their assignment and all is going well – the client took a risk on someone working for them who they hadn’t worked with and (other than the interview process) really didn’t know that well and given the current pandemic we face, we are all exceptionally grateful that they modified their working to ensure the contractor was able to join.

Written byCaterina Glenn, Associate Director


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