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Fresh Faces

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Fresh Faces - Aneta Kawlinajtis

Aneta is the ninth to feature in our blog series 'fresh faces'. Aneta is working alongside Michael and Ashley in the newest division to Wade Macdonald, Data Analytics & AI.


Why did you join?

I wanted to switch from Accountancy to the Data focused market because I believe it’s the biggest growing market and will be the future. I think it’s really exciting to be working with people that are involved with new technologies and being in the centre of all the advancements. A colleague from my previous job also recommended Wade Macdonald to me as she had recently moved and was enjoying the role and the environment.


What were your expectations before you joined? How have they changed now?

I didn’t really have expectations as such, I just wanted to give it try and see how I got on in the Data field because it really interests me. I joined open minded and I’m happy to say that it was definitely a good decision. It was nice to get lots of support from my colleagues with adjusting to the changes. I came in hoping to get to know new people, and explore the data field and candidates I'd be working with.

In terms of how they’ve changed, I’m happy to say that I can see growth in my career from working here. Everyone is helpful and support me in achieving my best.


How would you describe the relationships between all the staff members?

Amazing relationships. It’s great to be in a place where you can be friends with everyone. They all support and cheer each other on. Everyone is in it with you and by all means ‘in it to win it’.


What’s your favourite thing about Wade Macdonald?

People, but also work life balance and the office culture. I enjoy working here because of the people and connections with other businesses. You can hear from talking with people that they really trust the company and that strong relationships have been built. It’s amazing to be working for a business that so many clients and candidates are confident in.


What advice would you give to individuals who want to get into recruitment?

Definitely think about what markets you want to explore because you’ll be talking and working within this area daily. Prepare yourself that highs are highs but the lows are low. Recruitment is fun but can be challenging. Obviously celebrate every personal achievement but brace yourself for the hard times.


Who makes the best cup of tea/ coffee?

Alicja – perfect coffee with milk and sugar!