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Fresh Faces - Shaquille Cain

Shaquille is the ninth to feature in our blog series 'fresh faces'. Shaquille is working alongside Senior Consultant, Max Courtnage and Ashley Page in the Transactional and Non-Qualified Finance division.


Why did you join?

The interview process with Cat and Chris was relaxed and I felt very comfortable. They both have warm personalities and there was lots of laughter, it was nice. From that, I knew the environment in the office was going to be close knit and sociable. I knew that by joining, I would get the training I needed and Cat really dedicates the time to help her team. There is a lot of care for each consultant. I joined to learn and they have really visualised where each person should be at each step in their careers at Wade Macdonald.

What were your expectations before you started? How have they changed now?

Prior to starting I’d met Cat, Chris and Max, so similarly to my answers before I thought about the environment and the chance to learn, and not just about recruitment but also the industry I was moving into, which was an adjustment from my previous role. To be honest, my expectations haven’t changed much, I’m still here to learn. But I will say, everyone is lot funnier than I’d expected and has their own individual personality.

How would you describe the relationships between all the staff members?

It’s a very family orientated feel - Cat plays mum to the office. Everyone wants the other to do well and there’s a very supportive atmosphere.

What’s your favourite things about Wade Macdonald?

Freedom, flexibility and space. Of course there are set rules, like at most businesses but it’s a relaxed environment. Nobody is being micro managed. There is a trust amongst managers and staff and you are advised rather than instructed. It’s nice to be able to take short breaks away from my desk as well to get some fresh air out of core hours. I think that is important for headspace as recruitment can be stressing.

What advice would you give to individuals who want to get into recruitment?

Get yourself into a good company that provides training and stick it out when it gets difficult. Recruitment isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding and fun.

Who makes the best cup of tea/coffee?

Me - What a silly question! My colleague Zoe and myself run coffee and tea rounds every day, so maybe we should find out her verdict..