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Fresh Faces

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Fresh Faces - Ashley Lopez

Ashley is the sixth to feature in our blog series 'fresh faces'. Ashley has joined Michael in the Data Science division, covering the Business Intelligence side. We now have two Ashley's, two James' and two Chris' at Wade Macdonald!

Why did you join?

Before joining, I had a good recommendation of Wade Macdonald from another agency, which helped with my final decision, but ultimately I wanted a career that provided progression, which is something that Wade Macdonald offered alongside my own desk and the chance to be a specialist recruiter (which I’ve always wanted to do!). I also wanted to prove myself in the industry.

What were your expectations before you started? How have they changed now?

Good commission, reasonable targets, a challenge, investment into a career, good office environment and support.

I have definitely had the challenge, the office environment is just as I’d imagined and there is always support as and when needed.

How would you describe the relationships between all the staff members?

Close knit. Everyone communicates. No one is left out!

Whatever division you sit under, everyone tries to contribute to each other’s gain. It’s nice to work somewhere with no cliques like we had at school. Everyone just gets along.

Its recruitment so there is always going to be competition but its healthy competition. The kind where everyone is challenging each other to be better.

What’s your favourite things about Wade Macdonald?

The relationships I’ve built so far with colleagues, clients and candidates, and the sector I work in are the top two for me so far. Recognition of successes also.

Oh, and definitely the coffee machine.

What advice would you give to individuals who want to get into recruitment?

You have to be a people’s person. You work with all sorts of people all day from email, to phone to face-to-face meetings. You need to have a great understanding of different individual needs. Also with this, being open minded about the market and surroundings is important.

I would say knowing that you have to bring out passion when needed and have a competitive nature.

Who makes the best cup of tea/coffee?

The coffee machine wins my vote. Coffee machine: 1 Colleagues: 0