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The benefits of working as a temp

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We are often surprised by the number of people that come in to see us who are immediately available and yet initially do not want to take temporary employment. The main reasons for this are that they perceive employers may then view them as having a lack of stability and therefore that it could hinder their permanent job search. However, normally after spending time with me, they change their mind-set. Below we look at some of the benefits of taking temporary work.


The Opportunity to Learn New Skills

Contrary to the belief that temporary work may look unstable and have a negative impact on your CV, there is actually an argument it could add to your experience. Often temporary work will gain you exposure to new processes, systems and industries which can actually make you more marketable in the permanent market.

It Keeps Money Coming In

The speed of hire is normally quicker for temporary work than permanent. You will therefore be earning money again quickly. It has often amazed me that people who need money will sit out earning nothing because of their perceived thought that they may ruin their CV. Most employers would actually see it as a positive thing that you have worked and understand the practical need for this – at the end of the day your bills don’t normally just stop when you are out of work.

Adding Value Quickly

Many people actually gain huge satisfaction from temping. Often you will go into an organisation that has an issue that needs to be fixed, a back log of work or a project. Taking on short term work you can quickly see the impact of your work and this can lead to huge personal satisfaction.

Project Work Can Be Fun!

If you enter a role on a project basis you will often be part of a team with a common goal. This will allow you to build camaraderie with other team members – and working within a successful team driven in the same direction can again be hugely satisfying as well as fun!

It Can Lead to Permanent Roles Internally

Looking back over the past few years, around 20% of the temps I have placed have ended up going permanent within the organisation. This is not even always in the role I found them to start off with, but working on a temporary basis is often the best interview you could have to join an organisation.


Temporary work generally offers more flexibility than permanent roles. Typically contract temporary workers have better work/life balance and don’t end up working the additional unpaid hours that many permanent employers would. If you do work late you normally get paid for it. Temporary workers will often take extended breaks (through choice) between assignments, which is also not easy when you work permanently.

Covering CV Gaps

Temporary roles can help fill the gaps that could appear on your CV between jobs. As I said earlier, employers would rather see you work than have a three-month gap whilst looking for a job. Going out to work shows you are a hard worker that takes work seriously and also keeps you sharp.

Financial Reward / Buys You Time

Often you will get paid more per hour than you would do in a permanent role. It also stops the financial burden of being out of work and therefore allows you to be more selective in what permanent job you take, rather than taking a job purely because you need money.

Career Temps

Some people enjoy aspects of the benefits above that they make the choice to become ‘career temps’. Many people that choose this do so for a mixture between the personal satisfaction they gain and work/life balance. Other people enjoy constantly learning new skills and the variety that comes from working in different environments with different people.


There are many benefits to temping and whilst for many it many only end up being a stop-gap, for others it can lead to a fulfilling career.



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