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Taking on temporary Credit professionals

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I joined Wade Macdonald a year ago to join the credit division and specialise purely in helping credit specialists find temporary work. Below I look at the reasons why businesses should consider hiring a credit controller to help out on projects or short term assignments. 

Credit control and credit management as a function has many benefits to a business from ensuring that you don’t over-extend credit to your customers, collecting funds owed to you along with a healthy dose of customer service when approached in a disciplined and supportive manner.  The timely and accurate collection of trade debt is critical to maintaining a healthy cashflow.


There are many other reasons why businesses may consider using a Credit Specialist on a temporary basis.

  • A mad dash to get the cash in before year end
  • Cash flow issues
  • A back log of queried bad debt that needs exploring
  • Long-term Sickness
  • Working out if there is a genuine need to increase perm headcount
  • New credit system needing to be integrated
  • Projects to reduce overall DSO
  • Covering a role whilst you recruit permanently
  • Setting up a new credit department
  • Improvement of systems, policies and procedures


Taking a temp on can add short term value and for the improvement in your cash position can be well worth the cost.

I have met well over 100 people in the last year who only want to take on temporary assignments. Many enjoy the fulfilment of completing a project whilst keeping their work-life balance, others enjoy seeing how their short term involvement can truly change a business’s position, whilst for some others it allows them to combine and utilise skills and systems knowledge that they have gained whilst working in assignment.

So as a small business owner, credit manager or finance professional think about whether a Credit Specialist could add value to your business. All of our temps start on a four-hour working interview (where if you don’t feel they are a fit in the first four hours you don’t pay a penny) and it goes without saying they have been referenced over a minimum of two years. Many have also successfully completed assignments for me before.


To discuss how a temp could help your business, please contact me on 01189 559514 or email


Written by Zoe Jones - Credit Specialist, Temporary market


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