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International Womens Day - 2019

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This year, IWD leads with the #balanceforbetter slogan. A slogan that relates not just to women but encourages gender-balance within economies, workplaces and business.

For the celebration of women within our workplace, we have decided to focus on three of our successful colleagues, interviewing them on how they progressed to where they are now.

Caterina Glenn is one of our inspirational and successful women at Wade Macdonald. Caterina is the Senior Manager of Finance & Accountancy at Wade Macdonald and although only having been with us for just under a year, has made her mark and is loved and respected by the entire team.

Lucy-Emma is our second celebrated woman chosen to speak about her career journey. Lucy-Emma will have been at Wade Macdonald for ten years come April. Lucy-Emma has worked her way up to Business Manager and sits on the interim side of the HR desk at Wade Macdonald.

Sonia Gill is our third and final woman of success that we have chosen to interview. Sonia just passed her five year anniversary with Wade Macdonald and has also worked her way upto Business Manager. Sonia recruits for the Senior Qualified Finance Interim market.


How long have you been in recruitment?

Caterina: 24 years

Lucy-Emma: 23 years

Sonia: 9 years

Where did you start your career?

Caterina: I started working with a global, blue-chip consultancy. My first role was as a trainee consultant and my job was at the time advertised in the guardian.

Lucy-Emma: I was a recruitment consultant at my sister’s firm. She already had an office in Windsor but wanted another open in Wokingham which is where I started my recruitment career. I focused on commercial roles (secretarial, PA, Marketing, Customer service) throughout the 12 years I spent there.

Sonia: Hamlin Knight – Karen Balmer, amazing woman who took a chance on me, when so many recruitment agencies didn’t. 

How did you get to where you are now?

Caterina: Hard work, determination and a lot of overtime! Perseverance is always something needed in the industry and whilst not every day is a great one, I have learnt that the good outweigh the not so good.

Lucy-Emma: Lots of determination, love for success, hard work and the thrill of the chase.

Sonia: Hard-work, resilience and never forgetting my dreams, goals and aspirations. 

What would you say has been your main drive to success for yourself?

Caterina: I am still passionate about helping people get the right role and I still get a huge buzz out of doing this. I am always conscious that this is someone’s livelihood and am respectful of that.

Lucy-Emma: Helping people. It’s satisfying putting someone on their career path and watching them flourish. I love the excitement from placing people and the money is also a big incentive to me.

Sonia: I have always been ambitious and enjoyed fast cars, since, I have managed to buy my first dream car an Audi S3 Cabriolet and now the next goal is to buy my Audi RS6-R (ABT), more importantly I also wanted to pay my Mums mortgage off, which I have done, as without her I wouldn’t have been where I am today.


What things keep you positive and work happy?

Caterina: Nowadays, as much as the rewards still come from securing a role for someone, I am heavily focused on staff management and am proud to see the people working with me grow in ability and confidence, and become good consultants in their own right.

Lucy-Emma: I read a book about positivity which really helped me to keep my mind-set in a positive mode. My desk is well known to the office; covered in decorative flowers, windmills and other colourful bits and bobs that keep me motivated throughout the day. Team morale also keeps me positive and my happy, stable family life.

Sonia: 100% the people I work with, my work family always put a smile on my face and while we can have our fall-outs and bad days, it’s like any family, I still have love and respect for them and the bants is awesome. 

Who was/is your role model and why?

Caterina: My Parents. As Italian immigrants to the UK, they worked exceptionally hard in manual labour jobs when they first arrived, sometimes working 2 jobs to make sure the family was looked after. They had grit, determination and a huge belief that a hard work ethic was vital in order to succeed.

Lucy-Emma: Rafa Nadal. He is a fantastic competitor, never gives up. Even in the eyes of defeat, he will battle for every point to win. He’s such a humble and gracious person and I have great admiration for him. He inspires me to never give up and to stay determined in what I do.

Sonia: My Mum is my role model, my parents came to the UK in 1965 with not a single penny to their name, yet my Mum worked three jobs, raised and educated four kids and showed us all the love and affection in the world. She really is Superwoman and I can only hope I am half the woman she is. She is the epitome of strength, resilience, tenacity, love and independence.  

How has the world changed for working women?

Caterina: When I first joined this industry, it was a bit of an “old boys network”. You got ahead by playing golf or as a woman, not rocking the boat.

Now I feel that times have changed. Whilst yes, we do still network with events like golfing days, there is much more inclusion and diversity surrounding what else we do in order to be recognised by our peers.

Women’s opinions are valued and listened to and certainly within the business I work for now, I feel respected and able to have an input and make a real difference.

Lucy-Emma: My initial 12 years in recruitment were spent predominantly surrounded by successful women. I was fortunate enough not to experience a male dominated workforce.

As the world has changed, I hear more about shared parental leave, where some companies have adopted a more flexible paternity policy and more women are the ‘bread winners’. This allows women to continue the focus on their career and not get left behind. Nowadays we see more recognition for women and their achievements which is a very positive thing.

Sonia: I think women have always been an amazing species, my Mum is testament to that. But I think this is more recognised now and I think employers have accepted that women are just as capable as men. I think many employers now recognise that work-life balance is critical to productive and happy employees, which is important when employees have young families and commitments outside of work. It is a good time to be a woman, chasing a career and her dreams. I think Destiny’s Child said it best – “All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me” *Throws hands up*. 


Images: Caterina Glenn top left, Lucy-Emma Heath-Turrall top right & Sonia Gill Halfway image​


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