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Why December is a good month for job hunting & recruiting.

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With Christmas festivities well under way, December is often perceived as a quiet month for job hunting. The belief is that everyone is slowing down for the end of year break. However, this popular ideology can come as a benefit for those who make use of the ‘quiet period’. Some examples below demonstrate how you can take advantage of December.


It’s common for employees to take unused annual leave during the Christmas period, so they can get their gift shopping finished and ensure they don’t lose their annual allowance which often re-sets in January. Taking an odd day off here and there during the festive season may be easier and raise less suspicion when arranging to book interviews with potential employers and means that candidates will have more time to apply for roles and answer emails and calls.

Less competition

With the festive season in full swing, people tend to approach Christmas in a relaxed and laid back manner. This works in favour for both the candidate and the client. If other businesses are waiting until the new year to hire, this allows you to have the initial pick of the best candidates available. Although a number of jobseekers hold off their search until the new year most will still be open to an approach, so don’t hold off!

In the limelight

Come January, hiring managers and recruiters will be overloaded with applications. Get ahead of the new year rush and get yourself in front of employers with a fresh CV full of achievements and experience you’ve gained throughout the year. If you are a client, starting your recruitment for the new year in December will mean you have reduced stress in January and even if you don’t take anyone on, you’ll be ready with a plan for the New Year.


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