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Preparing for your interview - No.3 Video

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You’ve been invited to for a video interview

So great news - you have been selected for interview but the client wants to do it over Zoom/Teams. Better than a telephone interview but not as good as a face to face but the company recruiting makes the rules!  It gives you the opportunity to show your personality and enables the interviewer to get to know you far better than they ever would be able to over the phone.



It is essential to do your homework, as is the case with every form of interview. You must know the company’s business and their key numbers plus any events you have found out about during your research. It is also advisable to research the background of the interviewer.


Make sure your user name is professional

Having a user name that you and your friends find amusing is unlikely to give the right impression – be boring and use your name!


Choose your location wisely

Seek out a quiet spot with good lighting and a neutral background. Avoid public places but if you have no option advise the interviewer where you are. Background noise will not help you best sell yourself. Use ear-buds and a small in-line microphone rather than the type of headphones gamers use! Make sure you are in an environment where you can not be interrupted.


Dress the part

Wear the same attire you would wear for a face-to-face interview.  


Good connection

Video chat over a poor connection will not help your cause. You want to present yourself as best as you are able which means no stuttering of freezing frames and no audio dropouts. Ensure you undertake some practice runs – preferably with a non-judgmental friend, which allows you to tie everything together – location, body language, facial expression, dress and eye contact. If there is a problem with the connection remain calm and do not be afraid to hang up the call and start again.


Eye contact

Try to ensure that the built in camera is at eye-level and do not let your eyes wander to the picture of yourself at the bottom left of the screen. Sit close enough to the camera so the interviewer can clearly see your facial expressions – remember to smile!


Turn off all other mobile devices

Obvious advice - Do not use your mobile phone for a video interview.


Summing up

Never treat a video interview as “it’s only a Zoom interview”. Prepare as if it were a face-to-face meeting so be confident and ensure you give the interviewer every reason to ask you back to meet on a face-to-face basis.


This blog piece was written by Philip Macdonald, Co-Founder at Wade Macdonald.



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