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Fresh Faces

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Fresh Faces - Tony Campbell

Tony is the third feature in our blog series 'fresh faces'. Our Marketing Coordinator Issi, sat down with Tony to ask him a few questions about his time with Wade Macdonald so far..

Why did you join?

For the opportunity to play to my strengths in a niche market in Finance. Being given the responsibility to grow a specialism that Wade Macdonald hadn't’t focused on previously was a big appeal also. The ability to work closely with the professionals, candidate and client alike, means I can build up strong relationships through meetings and wider discussions.

What were your expectations before you started? How have they changed now?

I was a little nervous on my first day but weirdly unphased. I arrived in Reading 2 hours before starting so I could have a coffee and settle my nerves! But I settled in really quickly.

My expectations were that I would be tasked with building long-term, worthwhile relationships with my market which is something I love and thrive from.

So far there have been no changes to my expectations.

How would you describe the relationships between all the staff members?

Very collaborative. There are various characters and profiles of people, all with different experiences who all want to work together and get on really well.

What’s your favourite things about Wade Macdonald?

The culture and the people. The company has such a grown-up, professional way of working and this runs alongside a great team spirit that’s fun to work in.

What advice would you give to individuals who want to get into recruitment?

Realise that the client service for both candidate and employers is vital for a long-term strategy. Assume nothing about the client or candidate and make sure you really get to know the people that you’re talking to. Internal team working is also really important.

Who makes the best cup of tea/coffee?

Well it must be me which is why everyone always asks me all the time.