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Fresh Faces - Ashley Page

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Ashley is the first to feature in our blog series 'fresh faces'. Our Marketing Coordinator Issi, sat down with Ashley to ask him a few questions based on his time at Wade Macdonald so far..

Why did you join?

I had a recommendation from an old colleague. They’d told me how great the company was and how my personality would be a good fit for the office culture. I also knew I’d be able to learn a lot about recruitment within Wade Macdonald due the 25+ years the company has upheld business for and the senior employees who work there.

What were your expectations before you started? How have they changed now?

I had strong expectations. I knew the company was a good company to work for and my expectations have been met so far. There haven’t been any changes to my expectations. I’m being trained and supported to get me to a qualified consultant so I’m happy!

How would you describe the relationships between all the staff members?

Strong and supportive - Even the more senior consultants are willing to give up their time to help newer members of staff. The vibe is always positive and morale boosting. I consider myself a people person but I would say that there’s not many places I’ve worked, where I get along with every colleague like I do at Wade Macdonald.

What your favourite thing about working for Wade Macdonald?

The ping-pong table… Just joking. I like the buzzy atmosphere and the people really do make the job. The job itself can be very stressful with ups and downs and you need people to pick you up after the downs – Wade Macdonald have those people.

What advice would you give to individuals who want to get into recruitment?

If you want to get into recruitment you need to be prepared to work hard and take everything you’re told on board. With time you’ll reap the benefits, become very successful and understand why I do what I do.

Who makes the best cup of tea/coffee?

Me because I have a cafetiere. But besides me, Tony’s quite a good barista.


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