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The Business Magazine July/August 2018 - Looking Forward at Wade Macdonald

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'Reading Number 1 City is The Business Magazine’s special supplement on the development and success of the conurbation – home to fast-growing companies in sectors from technology to professional services.'

We're proud to announce and share Chris Goulding's feature in the July/August supplement edition of The Business Magazine that is focused on Reading's fast growth towards being a No.1 business hub, alongside London and other main cities.

During a sit down with Tim Wickham from The Business Magazine, Chris discusses the future aspirations that are key to Wade Macdonalds expansion and progression within the recruitment market, and how the company differs and hopes to build a bigger divide between itself and other recruiting agencies in the Thames Valley region. 

To view the Full article, please click the link below. The feature can also be found on The Business Magazine's official website here







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