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Myth Buster #2: Temps & Contractors are Second Rate

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There is absolutely no truth to the theory that ‘temps & contractors are people who can’t get permanent jobs!’

US Staffing Association research found that:

  • 88% of all candidates felt that contract work made them ‘more employable’
  • 23 % of candidates had NO interest in traditional permanent employment
  • 65% of contractors said they improved their skills through the variety of assignments
  • 40% deliberately chose temp/contract as a way to obtain

 In fact the vast majority of temps & contractors do it by choice and for a variety of reasons including:

  • To work with world leading organisations & brands
  • To work with leading edge technology
  • To work with and learn from respected professionals
  • To develop new skills and consolidate existing ones
  • To utilise specialist knowledge in an environment where it is valued
  • To avoid ‘office politics’
  • To focus on professional strengths
  • To have more flexibility around working patterns
  • To earn more
  • To refresh their enthusiasm
  • To challenge & stretch themselves
  • To extend their professional network
  • To benchmark potential future permanent employers
  • To showcase themselves to potential permanent employers
  • To ‘try before they buy’

There are over 1.2 million* contractors and temporary workers on assignment in the UK everyday not by force but by choice!


Written by Steve Carter - Non-Executive Director


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