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Best job in tech right now? Data scientists!

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Data is a hot topic in business.

After all, it’s how Netflix knows that 361,000 Americans binge-watched all of “Stranger Things” Season 2 in a single day.

It also knows the moment you got hooked on Season 1. Apparently 70% of people who watch the second episode of “Stranger Things” stick it out for the entire season.

Perhaps that’s why Netflix claims its biggest competitor is ‘sleep’.

The better it understands consumer behaviour, the better it can offer stuff that people really want. Companies crave that level of insight that helps them make intelligent decisions. Instead of relying solely on intuition, they can build on a solid foundation of facts.

Being data driven
Just having data isn’t enough though; many companies (especially large firms) have more data than they know what to do with.

They rely on people who can glean meaningful information from data sources and filter out what is important.

They also rely on people who can show them how to adopt new technologies so they can become even more data driven. A PwC survey of more than 2000 leaders showed that 61% of companies are somewhat or rarely data-driven.

Hence the urgent need for data scientists.

What they do

Increasingly, data scientists spend most of their time making sense of unstructured data – like social media sentiment and customer feedback.

This kind of data is more difficult for computers to organise in a meaningful way, which is why human interpretation is required.

Businesses want to understand what this data means for their business, and how it can be used to hit targets.

Organisations of all sizes and industries need people who can use data to help companies become more profitable – and they’re willing to pay.


That’s why it’s a great time to get into data science. A salary benchmarking website has ranked it #5 in the list of best-paid tech jobs.

Their research shows that after six years, data scientists earn an average of £53,000.

Company-review website Glassdoor also ranked data science in the top 10 list of best jobs. It found that data scientists has one of the highest levels of job satisfaction.

Where to work

There’s no shortage of data jobs in the UK; a quick look on showed that 2,382 new jobs in data were posted in a single day. But where should you work?

It depends on the kind of company and type of role you’re after.

Many people think London has the most opportunities, but you might be surprised with what Reading has to offer.

Major players like Microsoft, Oracle, and HP have major hubs in the Thames Valley. It’s also a breeding ground for new companies, with more than 600 tech start ups every year.

Reading has long been called the “UK’s Silicon Valley” for good reason: it has the highest density of digital tech businesses in UK. That’s seven times the national average!

Wherever you work, it’s certainly an exciting time to be a data scientist. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will only grow, bringing new opportunities for those with the right skills.


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