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Our Personal Successes And Why They Work For Our Recruitment Business


Our personal successes and why they work for our recruitment business

It’s Year End at Wade Macdonald, and we’re celebrating success this week, culminating in an all-expenses-paid trip to Royal Henley Regatta on Friday. Lucky us!

In this blog post we want to bring you along and help you see the softer side of recruitment consultants, because we’re proud of ourselves, and our colleagues, and we’re always on the look out for new people to join our growing team.

What does success really mean?

Wade Macdonald has seen a good measure of success this year. We’ve even been recognised by Feefo Customer Service Award 2017. Not only have we broken the barriers when it comes to customer expectations of what a recruiter provides, we’ve also had more than our fair share of personal and professional wins this year.

We thought it would be fun to do a short survey across our people here and share a few of our own ideas about what success means to us!

Some of our more personal successes in 2016/17

Some of the biggest successes personally hit by our team members this year (and we won’t name names ...)

  • One team member lost 2 stone!
  • Another lost 3 stone (not the same person!)
  • One purchased their dream car
  • Two counted the huge amount of new business they have brought in
  • One billed £20k a month
  • Someone else saved over £3k in 6 months
  • One member was part of the rugby team that won the league, and personally scored 14 tries!
  • Another built an exclusive new recruitment services partnership with a billion dollar global brand.

As you can see, our team’s success is built on a base of personal bests, individual successes often outside of work. But these are the kinds of people we are. If you strive in all areas of your life, that hard work becomes a part of you, a factor in the way you work as well as how you live.

The important factors to success

We asked the team what factors enabled them to be successful in their personal or professional pursuits. Their answers were direct and straight to the point: we’re recruitment consultants, and because of that we really know what it takes to make it. Get ready ….

Great character attributes

If you’ve got the drive to keep on going, even when the going gets tough, success will be yours.

If you’ve got the kind of tenacity that keeps you thinking about new innovations while bouncing back from the occasional disaster, you’ve got the right mindset for the job. Whatever it is.

Passion is a huge part of recruitment – as it is for any role – and using that in harmony with perseverance and determination means you never give up. In the current political and economic climate, that never give-up-part is a real value add.

Self-discipline and focus are serious characteristics for recruiters, particularly those who work to a busy schedule (all of us, then!) Using your ability to sit down and get on with the job in hand is an essential part of being a productive, active team member.

The most important skills

Most recruiters are used to finding out about other people’s skills, but when it comes to themselves, do they make the grade?

Of course they do!

Listening skills come top of the list for any recruiter; those, and the more generalised, but equally important communication skills. Without those, we’d never learn what our clients and candidates need and want.

Teamwork is not just a buzzword; it’s a state of mind, of attitude, and a practical way to ensure success.

Staying positive, no matter what happens, and keeping things in perspective, are two very under-sung, but essential skills for recruiters. Things can look pretty bad sometimes, and keeping a reasonable outlook is important in times of duress. We don’t have many of these, but when we do, we’re ready.

Retaining the knowledge and understanding needed to make the most of available opportunities are absolutely crucial to a recruiter who is on the button at all times. You never know when an unexpected chance might come along to change things for you. Networking, or simply good timing, can throw up all kinds of new situations that can be capitalised on with a bit of quick thinking.

Why our successes are important to us as a team

Success, on a daily basis, is important. We all aim to do our best, and to achieve big things in our lives and careers. Whether we measure it by buying our dream car, feeling satisfied with our 20-year marriage, or bringing in a new piece of business the important thing is that we acknowledge our own successes, those of our colleagues, and the overall success we achieve as a team.

Acknowledgement is really important. Some of us can tell when we’ve been successful, but some others of us need validation. Some of us feel surer sooner, and some less so.

When you work in a team that really values its people, success and its acknowledgement becomes something that binds you all together. This type of appreciation is one of the things that makes Wade Macdonald a fantastic employer in the recruitment business.

Are you a successful person?

Are you looking for a career that really highlights your professional successes?

If so, our team could really use you.

Call us.