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A recruitment agency great at customer service?! How did we do that?

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Reviews are great for companies, especially those that work online in any capacity. For this reason, organisations like Feefo have popped up in recent years, helping companies get authentic reviews from genuine customers.

At Wade Macdonald we track all our customer feedback using Feefo, so we know we always offer the best service and it also allows others to get an impartial view on us as a business.

This year, Feefo awarded Wade Macdonald for being great at customer service and we are delighted.

So what did we get right?

When we say ‘equal opportunities’, we really mean it

Wade Macdonald has always, and will continue, to champion equal rights in the workplace. We have never taken instruction from an employer with a preference as to the gender, race or age a candidate should be. Not only because it is the law, but because our business relies on judging individuals on their own merits. There is a tendency in the marketplace for employers to discriminate against candidates with a disability – just one example of how employers limit their potential talent pool with preconceived ideals.

For example, an employer we engaged with a few years ago always ended up hiring a particular gender with similar characteristics. Once we identified this pattern we advised the employer we no longer wished to supply personnel as this was contrary to our principles. After a number of meetings with them we succeeded in both educating and enlightening the hiring manager – great from both our points of view. To this day the employer remains a loyal client who now employs a diverse spectrum of applicants.

We’re resourceful and agile in an uncertain world

Historically the recruitment industry has always been resourceful and robust. These characteristics are paramount, bearing in mind the unpredictability of the global landscape. Our flexibility and agility, however, helps us counteract and negotiate these political upheavals.

We’re not solely about deal making; Wade Macdonald provides a baseline consultative service. We listen to the concerns of our clients and candidates. We can’t provide solutions for global issues but because we listen, we’re able to offer constructive on-going advice.

We don’t hog the experience, we use it and share it around

With over 25 years trading history, we have a wealth of valuable experience. Experience is often naively overlooked, but because we actively draw on it, we’re able to improve both the client and candidate experience. This is not only relevant on a day-to-day trading basis but gives us the ability to impart some of this valuable experience to new and slightly more experienced members of the team.

We really do invest in people

Sales people are the backbone of all recruitment consultancies. The hiring and retaining of high-calibre, eager-to-learn staff has, and will remain, the main focus at Wade Macdonald.

We live our ethos, we don’t just talk about it

Our ethos has always been ‘People Count’, because we believe you should always treat others as you would want to be treated yourself. This ensures we deal with our candidates in respectful and courteous ways.  What makes us really special is we treat clients as real people.

There is a tendency within the sector to be subservient, and with the dilution of respect that occurs there, clients sometimes take advantage of that. We avoid those pitfalls, and meet as many of the applicants we deal with as possible  – a face-to-face meeting cements the bonding process, whereas dealing over the telephone is one-dimensional. We meet with the vast majority of clients at their premises to ensure we are in a position to truly “sell” the employment opportunity to any potential candidate.

We keep calm and recruit good people

We never take anything for granted – there are too many variables. Recruitment is a ’people’ business, so there will always be issues and challenges to be overcome. Celebrating success is important but if something happens to go wrong a level head is required.

So whilst we are delighted with our award from Feefo we won’t stop here in our efforts to deliver the best service.

Check out our reviews on Feefo and If you’re interested in a career at Wade Macdonald please contact us!



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