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Job-Hunting Season, Get set.. Go..

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It’s the time of the year when you’re full of resolutions for the new year; you’ll be healthier, more patient, kinder to others, you’ll single-handedly save the rainforests and end world hunger.

Take a look in the mirror and have a good hard think about what you just said…you may not be able to be the next Mother Theresa, but you can have a say in your job happiness. The odds are still in your favour as according to a variety of sources such as and Career Sidekick this is exactly the time to start the hunt for your new position.

As a recruitment company, we are not unknown to see an influx of candidates come through the door at certain times of the year. Here are our tips on how to get your job search off on a good start:

1 – Know your timing. January and the beginning of the year is always a good time. New budgets are coming in, no major holidays are in sight to side track any training and the timing between the initial interviews and start days leave enough time for you to get settled in your position before the summer holidays.

2 – Be prepared to wait. The search for your next position may take time. It has been said that from start to finish, the process can take anywhere up to 90 or even 180 days. So don’t quit your job whilst you search – it’s not always quick and easy (although on a side note; we wish it was!).

3 – Know your “stuff”. Do your research about the company and its industry. It’s important that you are aware about the company’s position in the market place and how they see themselves. Knowing what you will hear about for the next few years will make the interview go a lot smoother.

4 – Be aware; don’t live in a bubble. When you’re looking for a new position, make sure that you are aware of the cyclical nature of companies. Annual budget times are busy; holiday periods can mean that your email may lie in someone’s inbox for a few weeks because they’re out of the office…and well, even though the Christmas time is busy, it also means that companies are slowing down and only get to the essential things that need to be done that can’t wait for the new year.

5 - Keep your eyes open. Even if you’re not looking for a new position, it doesn’t hurt to keep your eyes open and radar open “just in case”. You never know, the perfect opportunity might just present itself on a random day and afterwards you’ll just think: “I wasn’t’ even looking for a new job.”.

That all being said, we are always looking to match candidates with their dream jobs regardless of what time of the year or circumstances. If you’re looking, but haven’t found the right match yet, get in touch and talk to us about your next step.


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