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How to develop world class managers

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It’s one thing to be good at your job, another to be a good manager and another again to be a world class manager. And, with world class managers helping to create world class organisations, how can you ensure you have plenty of the latter in your company?

When you look at statistics that show employees’ feelings about the organisation that they work for are driven by their line managers, then it’s clear to see why it’s vital that a manager is not only a right fit for a company, but also for the team that they will be managing. All too often businesses are employing managers based solely on their knowledge and skill, when it’s their personality and ability to motivate and lead others which is equally important.

Here are several skills that a world class manager should possess:

Build and gain trust – a good manager will always be straight with their staff and never lie to fob them off, thus creating a level of mutual trust and respect within the workplace. It’s important that employees feel valued and respected, so transparency, loyalty and keeping promises are ways that this can be achieved.

Be confident, yet kind – while having an in depth knowledge of the job and best practices within the organisation, the world class manager will also have the confidence and ability to impart this knowledge to their team. They will understand that each person is an individual and will be able to offer feedback in an appropriate manner in order to get the best out of them.

Be positive and real to themselves – if a manager is unhappy within a role, whether they show it or not, chances are this will rub off on the team. They should be happy and comfortable within themselves, avoid office politics and give off a positive influence to help motivate others.

Be willing to share praise – a manager who takes praise all for themself is unlikely to have a well-motivated team. Instead they should take the opportunity to ditch the ego and be humble, by sharing the credit when it’s due.

Be a great communicator – one of the biggest qualities of a world class manager is that they should possess the ability to listen to and understand staff, as well as having the skills to give feedback and communicate messages clearly and effectively. They should take the time to appraise each staff member and demonstrate compassion, so that they feel valued and understood.

Be proactive as well as reactive – a manager who is always chasing their tail is not a world class manager. They should be able to manage their time effectively and well.

At Wade Macdonald, our aim is always to find a candidate who is the right fit for a client’s organisation and this stretches way beyond just what is on paper.

We will discover the culture and ethos of an organisation, find out how it works and who the people are who work within it. Once we know this, we will take time to find out about and get to know individual candidates and discover whether they will be a good fit for the organisation.


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