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What we look for in our consultants

Anyone outside of the recruitment industry might be forgiven for thinking that the work of a recruitment consultant is all about fitting the right skills to the right jobs, but anyone who has been successful in the industry will know there’s so much more to it than that.

What we look for in our consultants is an awareness that there’s a much bigger picture than just finding a person who has the right qualifications. We want someone who knows there is a lot more to a candidate than that and it’s these unique differences that will determine whether they’re a good fit for a client’s organisation or not.

Every business has its own style and ethos, regarding the way it works and the sort of people it employs. This is where it is vital to ensure that a candidate is a good cultural fit, as well as ticking the right boxes for qualifications and experience. So a consultant should be comfortable with getting to know the candidate and able to find out who that person is – for example, what hobbies do they like, what sort of personality do they have?

The perfect consultant should also have the ability to communicate well, which will enable them to cultivate a good understanding of and working relationship with the client as well as the candidate. They should also possess the ability to nurture and build these relationships to ensure the best long term outcome for both.

Other skills we would look for in our consultants is good knowledge of the recruitment industry, which means they will be up to date on the current state of the market and have some good ideas on where to find the best potential candidates. It’s also important that a consultant should be driven and able to follow up on leads, seeing them through to a good outcome and beyond.

As well as being a good communicator, they should be good at listening which will enable them to not only discover the qualities a candidate has, but also find out about the clients and the sort of people they are looking for.

Once they have discovered all there is to know about a candidate, a good recruitment consultant will also be realistic in the potential of that client and realise the pitfalls of the scattergun approach or putting people forward for roles that are beyond their capabilities.

And finally, they should be an all-round honest, decent and reliable person to fit in with the friendly bunch of people who already work at Wade Macdonald!

This year we are casting our net out once more and looking to hire more recruitment consultants to join our ever expanding team.

If you would like to find out more about recruitment in the finance and HR industries, or would be interested in hearing more about the sort of recruitment consultants that we are looking to have on board, then get in touch with us today. We look forward to your call!