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Finance and HR Salary Survey, and Bespoke Benchmarking

Because every client and candidate is unique, Salary surveys have always been popular because of their benefits in helping companies offer competitive pay and allowing job candidates to get a good idea of what they’re worth.

However, no-one likes to feel like a number, and with salary surveys giving such a generalised indicator, how can you be sure that it’s right for you or your company?

At Wade Macdonald we don’t generalise, because a survey of 1,000 people in similar roles might offer a random figure, but how can it take into account each and every aspect of a specific job role, sector, company size or the person who is applying for it?

What are you really worth?

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Salary Benchmarking for clients

It’s important to get an accurate idea of what remuneration and benefits you should be offering candidates as an employer and understanding what your competitors are offering. After all how can you attract the best candidates if your offering is uncompetitive?

As well as just looking at the going rate, there’s a lot to be said for the level of experience and qualifications that an individual can offer too. For instance, you may wish to hire a Big 4 first time passes ACA but only have a realistic budget for a QBE. Indeed, it is important to understand where you sit in market in terms of what type of candidates you can realistically attract regardless of budget. Factors such as career development and future opportunities can have a big impact on the desirability of a job. It’s these sort of things that must be taken into account each and every time.

Important factors can change tremendously in relation to job duties and responsibilities, operating budgets and the geographical area that the company is based. And, when a survey has been conducted through other companies and individuals within the industry, how can you know that that survey is reliable, addresses the majority of relevant factors and has remained valid? Times change, things move on.

Instead of a generalised salary indicator, we offer bespoke benchmarking in your sector. A process which takes into account every aspect of your company, the specifics of the job role itself and the additional extras, such as pension, compensation and benefits packages – because it’s not just about numbers and ticking boxes.

Salary Benchmarking for candidates

We also focus on our candidates because, as a finance or HR professional, if you’re looking for a new career challenge, it’s important to know that you’re not undervaluing or overvaluing yourself when applying for a role.

As well as offering a bespoke benchmarking service for our clients, we treat each and every one of our candidates as individuals and weigh up everything about them  to ensure they’re making the most of their career.

We’re able to do this because we have years of experience in finding the right people for the right roles and we know what to look for. We know what makes an individual or company special and we don’t base it on averages.

Everyone has their own “one of a kind” value and chances are, no two people will have the same level of experience, knowledge, qualifications, suitability for the role and personality. We also believe that every company is different, with varying job specs and a wide range of differing incentives to offer job candidates. Cultural fit can be a big determining factor in a candidate’s marketability and simply can’t be determined through a “one size fits all” approach.

If you’re looking to realise your true potential or find the best person for your company, give yourself the best start when you choose our very own bespoke benchmarking service, which draws on our years of recruitment experience and is designed especially for you.

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What are you worth?

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